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Characters Needed!
Characters Needed!


    It’s been three years since the glee kids graduated from William McKinley High School and left Lima, Ohio behind them. Where did they go? Did they all make it in New York and follow their dreams? Did some head west to California? Did Finn get a football scholarship after all? It’s all up to you! You decide where they went and what they’re doing in this future RP.  There are no endgame ships at this time but those can be arranged once the characters have been added.  

 Main Page | Application | Apply Here! 

Artie Abrams / OPEN / FC: Kevin McHale
Blaine Anderson / TAKEN (Admin) / FC: Darren Criss
Rachel Berry / TAKEN / FC: Lea Michele
Mike Chang / OPEN / FC: Harry Shum Jr.
Tina Cohen-Chang / OPEN / FC: Jenna Uskowitz
Sam Evans / TAKEN / FC: Chord Overstreet
Quinn Fabray/ OPEN / FC: Dianna Agron
Finn Hudson / TAKEN / FC: Cory Monteith
Kurt Hummel / TAKEN (Admin)  / FC: Chris Colfer
Mercedes Jones / OPEN / FC: Amber Riley
Sugar Motta / OPEN / FC: Vanessa Lengies
Santana Lopez / TAKEN / FC: Naya Rivera
Brittany Pierce / OPEN / FC: Heather Morris
Noah Puckerman / TAKEN / FC: Mark Salling
Sebastian Smythe / TAKEN / FC: Grant Gustin
Jesse St. James / TAKEN / FC: Jonathan Groff 
Emma Pillsbury / TAKEN / FC: Jayma Mays
Will Schuester / TAKEN / FC: Matthew Morrison
Sue Sylvester / OPEN  / FC: Jane Lynch

OC’s Welcome!

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